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Customer Experience Specialist (Senior)

Business Unit:  Marketing
Function:  Customer Experience
Date:  10 Jul 2024

Job Description


The Senior Customer Experience Specialist is responsible for improving value to customers and Discovery, by enhancing existing and enabling new strategic customer journeys and experiences.  The success of this role will be measured by a positive change in customer perceptions, attitudes, and behavior, resulting in customers living better and healthier lives and an improvement in business performance. They will achieve this by collaborating with multidisciplinary teams across Discovery Health and Group and will be required to be well rounded in all areas of customer experience management, including measurement, customer insights and understanding, customer experience strategy and culture change related change initiatives. 


Key Outputs & Responsibilities may include but are not limited to:


  • Form multi-disciplinary and cross-functional teams (product, operations, data science, systems and digital, marketing, etc.) that collaborate to solve customer opportunities, outcomes and goals using the relevant customer experience design approach, including customer journey maps.
  • Identification, enablement and ongoing management of real-time customer journey measurement and mapping technology platforms.
  • Enhancing the Discovery Health customer experience and journey framework by continuously scanning the external environment for best practices and selectively adopting appropriate new best practices.
  • Identification and prioritization of new or existing customer experiences, journeys and/or touchpoints which requires improvement, based on the customer and business opportunity.
  • Integrate processes, tools, and other capabilities to ensure the continuous improvement of customer journeys and experiences.
  • Create and amplify a culture of collaboration across teams to design and map new and improved customer journeys and experiences.
  • Carrying out hypothesis-driven customer journey workshops, validating with customers, prioritizing recommendations, and piloting changes before global roll-out.
  • Inspire the ‘future of what's possible’ by motivating teams to find innovative solutions to deliver better outcomes for our customers.
  • Manage the ARIS customer journey management platform, ensuring the utilization of the tool across all areas in Discovery Health to map, store, monitor performance of and manage changes/ enhancements to customer journey maps.
  • Explore and enable journey orchestration technology solutions to efficiently manage complex journeys at scale, collaborating with the appropriate Health and Group functions.
  • Democratize outside in customer journey innovation across all teams in Discovery Health, empowering teams to apply this approach to their “business as usual” practices.
  • Consult and advise as an internal SME (subject matter expert) in other areas of customer experience management, including measurement, customer insights and understanding, customer experience strategy and culture change related change initiatives.
  • Lead select projects which impacts various customer experience management capabilities, including measurement, customer insights and understanding, customer experience strategy and culture change related change initiatives.




  • Ability to identify key pain points moments of truth affecting customer perceptions.
  • Ability to conduct experience gap analysis and prioritize recommended improvements.
  • Ability to drive customer centered design and innovation.
  • Ability to accurately map and depict customer touch points.
  • Ability to drive action and execution of key CX improvements.
  • Ability to facilitate change and teach others / transfer technical knowledge and skills.
  • Ability to develop holistic business cases based on to-be customer experience design.
  • Ability to perform / interpret advanced customer experience analytics and work with complex data models / data environments.
  • Ability to gather input from employees about customer experiences and opportunities for improvement.
  • Ability to understand key drivers of VoC performance and communicates them effectively across the organization.
  • Leads by example by being the advocate for the Customer Experience across channels (or across the organization).
  • Ability to teach methodology across functional teams to unify efforts and enable understanding of how each role has an important part to play in customer experience impact.
  • Ability to facilitate interactive group sessions to build understanding, support, and engagement.
  • Ability to facilitate an understanding of what is important to customers and how the organization is performing relative to customer needs.




  • Customer experience strategy.
  • VoC programs.
  • Customer experience business case development.
  • Advanced customer experience modelling and analytics.
  • Customer centric culture change programs.
  • Design thinking and customer co-creation approaches.
  • Experience gap analysis and prioritization.
  • Human-centered design and innovation.
  • Future state journey mapping.
  • Control and response plans.
  • Operating plan and capabilities.
  • Change, project, and process management.
  • Interdependencies.
  • Iterative ideation and prototyping.
  • Leading journey orchestration, mapping, and management technology solutions.


Role Requirements


  • 6 years of experience in leading customer experience management change initiatives in financial services, retail and/or telecommunications (required).
  • Management consulting experience at 1st and 2nd tier management consulting firms (advantageous).


Education and Qualifications


  • B-degree/Honors/MBA (required).


Any one of the following accreditations or certifications would be advantageous:

  • CCXP (Certified Customer Experience Professional).
  • CEMM (Customer Experience Method / Successful Customer Outcomes) Accreditation.
  • ACXP (Accredited Customer Experience Professional).
  • ACXM (Accredited Customer Experience Master).
  • CXPA (Customer Experience Professionals Association).


The Company’s approved Employment Equity Plan and Targets will be considered as part of the recruitment process. As an Equal Opportunities employer, we actively encourage and welcome people with various disabilities to apply.

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