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Business Unit:  Sales & Distribution
Function:  Actuarial Sciences
Date:  13-Jan-2022

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Vacancy: Technical Marketing Actuary

Team: Technical Marketing: Discovery Health and Vitality
Turn over if you want to see the “Core Role”, “Required Competencies”, the all-important “Qualifications and Experience” and other sentences with the word candidate.
Bottom line is this, though.
We need someone smart.
Really smart.
Smart enough to analyse data. And smart enough to get the same results using the back-of-the-envelope.
Smart enough to tell normal people about those results. In English. And occasionally using pictures.
Smart enough to see the wood for the trees. And estimate the expected yield from it.
Smart enough to know when Google is wrong.
And smart enough to know when we are wrong.
Being a bit of fun also helps. As does being OCD and knowing how to get to Gold on Vitality.
Smiling? Then let us know you are interested, and we’ll get our people to speak to your people.
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Core role

Management Consultant
Use analytical expertise, industry knowledge and strategic insights to support Discovery’s sales and distribution functions to build Discovery’s brand.
Description of role
• Understand, prepare and communicate strategic insights on:
o product utilisation;
o product performance;
o industry trends; and
o competitors’ products and performance
• Strategic insights to be used in:
o Product positioning and communication
o Sales and distribution toolkits
o White papers and thought leadership
o Product development
• Analyses range from technical modelling, competitor insights to desktop research
• Focus must be on
o developing new business strategy and analysis to support distribution; and
o deriving new insights from unstructured data rather than regular reporting
• Strategic thinker
• Strong communication skills, with competencies of storyboarding, presentation preparation and data visualisation
• Exceptional analytical skills
• Management and leadership skills

Qualifications / Experience
Roles for:
• Qualified actuary or management consulting, with at least three years’ working experience..

The Company’s approved Employment Equity Plan and Targets will be considered as part of the recruitment process. As an Equal Opportunities employer, we actively encourage and welcome people with various disabilities to apply.

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